If you have a small front yard, there are many things you can do to maximize the space and make it look aesthetically pleasing. Two of these ways are symmetry, and flowers/rocks. First of all, symmetry is nice for any yard, big or small. Basically what it means is having the same amount of landscaping on both sides of your walkway. You could plant a small tree on either side of the walkway, with flowers providing a ring around each tree, either tulips, begonias or other perennials. The key is that when you look at the yard from the street, you can see the balanceRead More →

I think I am not the only person in the Eastern part of the country that is bummed today. We have had some pretty strange weather in Michigan lately, with last weeks wind storm that knocked out power to thousands of people, to today’s lovely snow surprise. The clouds must have been pretty busy last night because we already have 3 inches of the stuff on the ground that messed up our morning commute and sent me scrambling looking for my kids winter gear that had been scattered all along the entry way of my home. I say to winter, “Enough! You have had yourRead More →

I was just looking at some pictures of what people have done with their wooden backyard fences, and I thought, what a cool idea! A backyard fence is after all a blank canvas just begging to be decorated, right? And there are so many things you can do with your fence! You can paint beautiful murals of the beach, or flowers or a giant tree with spreading branches the entire length of the fence. It can also be whimsical, or cartoon-like. The only limitation is your own imagination!Read More →

Someone who has fascinated me over the years is Leonardo Da Vinci, a forward thinker, artist and sculpter who was born and raised near Tuscany, Italy. He was born in 1452 to a peasant mother and attorney father and he grew up on his father’s estate. His learning never went beyond the basics of math, reading and writing, but he was very advanced artistically, so his father apprenticed him to a famous sculpter and painter named Andrea del Verrochio. Da Vinci is most known for two of his paintings, the Mona Lisa, and the Last Supper, which was the only fresco that he did thatRead More →

In my last post, I talked about using landscape design to plan for Spring planting while winter is upon us. But what are some other things we can do in the winter to beat cabin fever and get ready for Spring? Here are 4 things you can do to not only help your garden and soil but also fun for the kids too. The first thing is mulching. Most people wait until it gets warmer outside before mulching their plants, but actually, mulch can help plants in the winter too. It helps to keep a constant temperature for your soil so that it stays warmRead More →

Winter in Michigan means that our world is covered in a white blanket that is fun for skiing, snowball fights and sledding. But while winter has many fun benefits, I can’t help but dream of Spring when it’s cold and snowing outside. Now is a perfect time to think about landscape design for when Spring finally comes. Green Landscaping of Ann Arbor is an excellent choice for all of your landscaping needs. The professionals at Green Landscaping can help you design your landscape, no matter your budget. Whether you want to do all the planting yourself but have no idea where to start or whatRead More →

I know what you are thinking; you are looking at that headline and thinking, “What? Did I just read that right?” Yes, there ARE benefits of snow even though it can be a pain to drive in and shovel. The plus side is that it’s excellent for your plants. Snow provides an insulator to root systems in shrubs and trees. Without snow, the deep cold temperatures could damage the roots. It also insulates the plants from cold, drying winds. Snow provides a nice layer of moisture to plants all winter long. And the bonus is that as snow melts in the spring, it’s watering theRead More →

Well, I think it’s interesting in my last post I talked about fall being in the air here in Michigan, but as we transition into December, winter has clearly left its mark. I hope you got your fall leaf collecting done, because I didn’t. But I’m thinking it’s good ground cover for our grass and flower beds. But I digress…winter in Michigan means sledding, cross country and downhill skiing, fresh snow piles to jump in and gather up into snowballs for an epic war in the backyard. Snowmen are built, snow angels abound and each branch on the trees looks beautiful with it’s white ‘clothes’.Read More →

I am here to tell you that Fall in Michigan can be very confusing from year to year. Sometimes we get beautiful September weather in October, and October’s slightly cooler temperatures late into November. Sometimes, as was the case this year, we have a gorgeous 70 degree day with short sleeve shirts on and windows rolled down, and the next day it’s snowing and 30 degrees outside.Read More →

Fall is here! Leaves are changing from green to rich, buttery yellow, vibrant magenta, and brilliant orange. Pumpkins and apples are ripe and ready for picking, and the air is redolent with smells of wood stoves and leaves decomposing. I love taking walks in the fall, the vibrant leaves crunching underfoot makes you feel as though you are walking on a rich tapestry of color.Read More →