Fall in Michigan

Fall in Michigan

I am here to tell you that Fall in Michigan can be very confusing from year to year. Sometimes we get beautiful September weather in October, and October’s slightly cooler temperatures late into November. Sometimes, as was the case this year, we have a gorgeous 70 degree day with short sleeve shirts on and windows rolled down, and the next day it’s snowing and 30 degrees outside.

And at our house, we still haven’t finished raking the leaves and now there is snow covering them. But I console myself that leaf cover is good for grass going into dormancy and for the garden beds. From what I have read, if you mow over your leaves and collect them in a bag, you can rototill them into a dormant vegetable bed and make good fertilizer for next years vegetables.

But I digress; the next season to look forward to in Michigan is winter, and winter brings lots of snow and freezing temperatures. For snow removal, we use a good ole shovel and manpower but I know that most of my neighbors have snowblowers to remove snow from driveways and sidewalks. Or another alternative if you don’t have enough time to shovel, call in the professionals, they can keep your driveways and sidewalks cleared all winter long!

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