I know what you are thinking; you are looking at that headline and thinking, “What? Did I just read that right?” Yes, there ARE benefits of snow even though it can be a pain to drive in and shovel. The plus side is that it’s excellent for your plants. Snow provides an insulator to root systems in shrubs and trees. Without snow, the deep cold temperatures could damage the roots. It also insulates the plants from cold, drying winds. Snow provides a nice layer of moisture to plants all winter long. And the bonus is that as snow melts in the spring, it’s watering theRead More →

Well, I think it’s interesting in my last post I talked about fall being in the air here in Michigan, but as we transition into December, winter has clearly left its mark. I hope you got your fall leaf collecting done, because I didn’t. But I’m thinking it’s good ground cover for our grass and flower beds. But I digress…winter in Michigan means sledding, cross country and downhill skiing, fresh snow piles to jump in and gather up into snowballs for an epic war in the backyard. Snowmen are built, snow angels abound and each branch on the trees looks beautiful with it’s white ‘clothes’.Read More →