And just like that, Winter!

And just like that, Winter!

Well, I think it’s interesting in my last post I talked about fall being in the air here in Michigan, but as we transition into December, winter has clearly left its mark. I hope you got your fall leaf collecting done, because I didn’t. But I’m thinking it’s good ground cover for our grass and flower beds.

But I digress…winter in Michigan means sledding, cross country and downhill skiing, fresh snow piles to jump in and gather up into snowballs for an epic war in the backyard. Snowmen are built, snow angels abound and each branch on the trees looks beautiful with it’s white ‘clothes’. If you get lawn service during the spring and summer, it’s definitely time to think of other seasonal services, such as snow plowing and snow removal on the sidewalks.

AA Green Landscapers have professional workers that can handle any kind of weather, and can get to your home or business after a snow fall so that you can get out of your driveway in the morning or open your business as usual. They are available during emergencies and also offer de-icing on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots to reduce the number of slip and falls that are a casualty of this time of year.

So go ahead and play in the snow, the professionals will take care of the rest!

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