In my last post, I talked about using landscape design to plan for Spring planting while winter is upon us. But what are some other things we can do in the winter to beat cabin fever and get ready for Spring? Here are 4 things you can do to not only help your garden and soil but also fun for the kids too. The first thing is mulching. Most people wait until it gets warmer outside before mulching their plants, but actually, mulch can help plants in the winter too. It helps to keep a constant temperature for your soil so that it stays warmRead More →

Winter in Michigan means that our world is covered in a white blanket that is fun for skiing, snowball fights and sledding. But while winter has many fun benefits, I can’t help but dream of Spring when it’s cold and snowing outside. Now is a perfect time to think about landscape design for when Spring finally comes. Green Landscaping of Ann Arbor is an excellent choice for all of your landscaping needs. The professionals at Green Landscaping can help you design your landscape, no matter your budget. Whether you want to do all the planting yourself but have no idea where to start or whatRead More →