If you have a small front yard, there are many things you can do to maximize the space and make it look aesthetically pleasing. Two of these ways are symmetry, and flowers/rocks. First of all, symmetry is nice for any yard, big or small. Basically what it means is having the same amount of landscaping on both sides of your walkway. You could plant a small tree on either side of the walkway, with flowers providing a ring around each tree, either tulips, begonias or other perennials. The key is that when you look at the yard from the street, you can see the balanceRead More →

I think I am not the only person in the Eastern part of the country that is bummed today. We have had some pretty strange weather in Michigan lately, with last weeks wind storm that knocked out power to thousands of people, to today’s lovely snow surprise. The clouds must have been pretty busy last night because we already have 3 inches of the stuff on the ground that messed up our morning commute and sent me scrambling looking for my kids winter gear that had been scattered all along the entry way of my home. I say to winter, “Enough! You have had yourRead More →