Back to Winter

Back to Winter

I think I am not the only person in the Eastern part of the country that is bummed today. We have had some pretty strange weather in Michigan lately, with last weeks wind storm that knocked out power to thousands of people, to today’s lovely snow surprise. The clouds must have been pretty busy last night because we already have 3 inches of the stuff on the ground that messed up our morning commute and sent me scrambling looking for my kids winter gear that had been scattered all along the entry way of my home. I say to winter, “Enough! You have had your turn! Let Spring come!”

But winter really does make us appreciate Spring, Summer and Fall more. We know that the snow is going to come again soon, so we enjoy every moment of the warmth as we can. My flowers are starting to poke their heads out of the ground, and even though they are covered with snow again, I know they have a good leaf cover from last year that is keeping them warm.

We have a nice nature trail near my house that I love to visit all year long because it’s so pretty in every season. There are lovely old trees that shade the path in the summer, with beautiful wildflowers mixed in and lots of insects and bugs flying from here to there. In Winter, the ground is covered with pretty white crystals of snow, and each branch is dressed up in the finest colors of white and silver with icicles abounding. The animals burrow into their tunnels and wait for Spring, and all of the flowers and tender shoots wait until the sun returns before stretching their arms above the ground again. Fall comes with many cool colors of brightest red, deep brown, some flaming orange and gold leaves falling gently from the trees. The squirrels are busily gathering up the last acorns of the season, and the birds are preparing for their annual migration.

So even though Winter has made its return again, I know that Spring in all its glory is just around the corner, and I, for one, can’t wait for that day to come!

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