When you move into a home or office building, you begin on the inside arranging the furniture, paintings, tables etc. according to your taste.  After that is done, you can focus on the outside, on the lawn and garden area, and how to add to what is already there.  Hiring professionals to design a landscape for you can be quite helpful to give you a visual of what you are looking for.Read More →

When I think of my backyard, I think of all the ways I would like to improve it.  I would love to create an Eden out back, a tranquil oasis where visitors immediately sigh with contentment and settle in to enjoy themselves.  If you have a patio or large deck, it’s easier to create tranquility.  Weather-proof furniture, pillows, tables and a firepit make a nice place to enjoy a peaceful evening.Read More →

I have beautiful raspberry bushes that lean right up against the side of my house in the summertime.  They produce delicious, juicy raspberries starting in the beginning of July and end in early August.  While I do love them up against the house for support, it is almost impossible to get behind them to collect the berries because there is no way through.Read More →

Yesterday, my kids and I went to Legoland with my Dad, Step-Mom, Sister and her kids.  Here you can see art in all of its 3D glory with lego ‘people’ scattered throughout that were taller than our kids, a clock that had real working parts and had a dragon that comes out to mark the hour.Read More →

Well it’s technically still spring, but summer is right around the corner and all of a sudden those dang mosquitos are out! I was trying to enjoy the outdoors since I recently had www.aagreenlandscapers.com instal and awesome landscape design for me recently. I cannot tell you how much more I enjoy my yard now that it has some nice landscaping details- for real! Read More →

There is so much art in the world and we want to give credence to different forms of expression. Life after all would not be complete without art. Present in every day life, art takes on an individual meaning and we hope to share what art means to different people. Join us while we explore different mediums and perspectives form around the world. Have a suggestion or a comment? Connect with us here!  Read More →